we are a desktop , mobile and web application development agency

using powerfull modern technologies - PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JAVASCRIPT we develop first class softwares with cool, simple and friendly user interface that appeals to your target audience.


What we do


Website Development

As we are fast moving into an era where every business and financial operations will be controlled and managed through the internet, won't you be taking a very crucial decision that will pay off in a long term if you decide to get a website that complements your brand/business?


Mobile App Development

We are in the smartphone era. Your end users will like to have an app toy to play with on their phone. It doesn't matter if its android, blackberry,ios,windows phone or tizen we build apps that run on them all!


Desktop App Development

Desktop PC's aint dead yet! As a matter of fact they're still going to be around for a pretty long while. And as developers we've updated Integrated Development Environments that effect the creation of apps on desktop platforms like ubuntu(linux) ,windows and mac machines respectively


SEO Optimization

Whats the point of building websites that cant be found on Bing, Yahoo or almighty ? thats one of the reasons why we exist.


Domain Registeration and Hosting

Selecting a perfect hosting provider for a new website can be painstaking , we know you would'nt want to go through a long list of those factors to consider because you have more important things to do. Don't worry ,we are up to the task..


Code on demand

Are you a "lazy" programmer ? Yea at times you might just be too busy to write that library of code and might need some few hands to help. Lets ease things up for you at no cost. ;)


Our Portfolio

Though we are just getting started, we are far from lacking behind!
Here is a short selection of our recent work.



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